Wurth Tyre Foam


    • Chemical basis: Alkaline surfactants, silicone oil
    • Smell/fragrance: Characteristic
    • Colour: White
    • pH value / conditions: 9 / at 20°C
    • Density/conditions: 0.919 g/cm³ / at 20°C
    • Shelf life from production: 18 Month
    • AOX-free: Yes
    • Silicone-free: No
    • Bio-degradable: Yes

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Cleans, maintains and protects, Prevents cracking and protects from embrittlement, UV-protection and prevents from premature fading, improves appearance, Anti-static solvent free, does not attack rubber, aluminium / steel rims or painted surface. Contains silicone, can be used on wet or dry tyres. These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience, preliminary testing advised before use.


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