Wurth Petrol Additive 50ml


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Use in event of contamination of fuel system, If condensation water gets into the fuel tank,l In the event of the formation of resins and paint-like deposits forming on or in fuel lines, fuel pump, car Does Not Contain Sulphur, Phosphorus, Metals, And Acids Proven effective cleaning by a complete engine test. Contains thermo-resistant alkaline wetting and cleaning agents. Prevents deposits in the intake system, valves, and valve seats. Protects against icing in carburetor Cleans paint-like deposits, resins, and oxidation residues from the fuel pump, fuel lines, and carburetor. Extends life of catalyst and lambda probe through optimum combustion. Reduces fuel consumption through precise fuel preconditioning. Results in widespread dispersion of condensation in the fuel tank. Keeps fuel lines and carburetor free of corrosion. Binds and neutralizes acidic condensation.


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