Formula X Gel Based High Speed Motorcycle Puncture Sealant


  • Formula X gel coat prevents air leakage when punctured upto 3mm thick punctures
  • Formula X gel coat automatically repairs as soon as the object is removed
  • Zero side effects. High speed stable gel coat that does NOT corrode your rims
  • Washable gel coat. Easy to uninstall
  • One time installation lasts until the next tyre change

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FOR TUBE & TUBELESS TYRES. Tyre punctures are a pain. Results in loss of time and money. All this trouble can be avoided with Formula X, the Do It Yourself pack by Tyroseal (Tyre Protector UK). The Automotive Research Association of India tested tyre sealant that permanently puncture proofs your tyres. Tyroseal is manufactured in the UK and is trusted across 40 countries. Tyre Protector is now Tyroseal, Go Puncture Free with zero side effects. Key Features: ✅ Ride safely even with a puncture, Gel protects from air loss ✅ Automatically repairs punctures when the object is pulled out ✅ Increases tyre life ✅ High speed gel coat with even weight distribution (No vibrations at high speed) ✅ Works on tube and tubeless tyres ✅ Keeps you safe from high speed blow outs ✅ Remains in gel form upto 10 years ✅ Works for the life time of the tyre ✅ Increased tyre life ✅ Non Corrosive compound Choose the appropriate pack for your motorbike. Please refer suitable motorbike list in the product images.


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