About us

Our vision

 To ensure motorcycle riding becomes a safer and enjoyable journey by providing right gear.

The History


20 years of Motorcycle riding experience taught us the importance of right helmet and gears. Bikeaholic was opened in March 2021 in Noida. Back then we were as riders were travelling a lot to find right gear. In time, our frustration became the motivation to open a Motorcycle riding gear shop which will be honest to customer and their needs, give professional support and service and which will encourage people to try and take up motorcycle as a way of life.


Our focus was, solving the problems that we had faced ourselves as customer.
Here are a few things that differentiates us from some of the other Motorcycle riding gear stores
Assured Quality : We stock products that we can stand by. Any new products go through a quality screening before making an appearance on the store shelve.
We ride: All of us. And are passionate about motorcycle. If you need more specific info about one of our products, give us a shout. Chances are that one of us is already using the same.
Honest Advice: We will never push an item to you unless its the right bike. That’s what we hated most , and that was one of the things that prompted us to open Store Bikeaholic.
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